Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuff and things.

Phwoar, it's been a little quiet around here. There's good reason for that though - we've been busy:

- Busy getting naked and eating sweet treats...

-Busy growing some wriggly babies...
(21 weeks this week!)

- Busy knitting things for wriggly bebes.. and sewing things for bigger, wriggly people's xmas pressies..

- And busy growing, and eating, some delicious Summery food.

We just ate dinner outside - risotto with chorizo and courgettes and beans from the garden. Might go and steal a few strawberries for dessert.
So darn good!  Best way to celebrate the first day of Summer!


  1. Looks pretty idyllic to me. Loving your baby bump ~ gorgeous! xx

  2. wow, 21 weeks! time flies :)
    you look gorgeous, that dress is so nice.
    looks like you guys are really enjoying a lovely spring/summer. Yay!

  3. LOVE this post! Makes summer feel so much more HERE! And I agree with Clare, these pregnancies are moving right along aren't they? Can't believe I have less than ten weeks till my due date!! Whaaaaaat?!

  4. Can I please come to your house for tea tomorrow? please

  5. Ha...seriously though, what a beautiful puku in that green paisley, so jealous of your yellow cougettes, ours were eaten by the snails when they were seedlings so now we have to start again! & lordy lord what a beauty wee nuddy ruddy in the sun! xxx