Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frugal Fashion Friday - and an octopus.

Sunglasses- Le Spec $15 from glasses place at BayFair
Necklace - $15 from For Arts Sake in Ohope
Singlet - $10 Glassons
Skirt - $25 Kmart

Bump - 22 weeks worth of baby.
Octopus - disguising the phone charger, and my unsightly broken drawers.

I'm loving the long-skirt trend that seems to be happening this Summer. I've never really been a huge maxi wearing (dresses, or skirts..) but with the combination of bump and heat, they seem to work so well. I'm very thankful that they're about this season.
(It sort of makes up for the fact that fashion seems to have done a u-turn on the length of tops, and made everything cropped... just in time for me to need tunic lengths. Typical!)

We've had a busy week with ultrasounds, Santa parades, Christmas parties and spending time with my sister. Hopefully I'll be back with photos of them in the next few days.
December just seems to be flyyyying by.


  1. You look great! love the skirt. I haven't got any maxi skirts/dresses. may have to investigate. love the colours in the necklace too! x

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. That is all :)

  3. yes! crop tops! What the heck!? You look astoudingly cute as always.

  4. Fantastic necklace!

    I wandered over here via MadamOwl and it's true - *so* weird to think of your solstice in the sun when mine is all about the darkness.