Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Growing. and Tiny happiness.

My garden is bringing me so much joy at the moment.
I'm far from a green-thumbed expert, but I feel like I've made huge progress this season - good, edible, progress. I'm loving dining on brocolli (as big as my face! Yes, I am a nerd..), courgettes, peas, beans, lettuce, rhubarb, strawberries, basil, mint and pak choy. And I feel ridiculous amounts of excitement at the thought of the eggplant and tomatoes that are so close to being ready (and the Winter fruits that are just beginning their lives as flowers.. oh boy!).
This growing stuff is quite addictive!

Another thing that could get quite addictive, is Melissa's amazing printed fabric. Look at it! Squee!
I've been meaning to buy some, to use for baby clothes, for awhile now. So, when M announced a sale, I was there in a flash.
I envision little loungey pants, with this fabric as the cuffs and pockets. I'm pretty sure there will need to be matching onesies, too. I'll be making a girly set, as well as a slightly boyish one.. this whole not knowing thing is pretty exciting, but it sure has its disadvantages! So hard to know what to make!


  1. Wow I'd be happy with that! We are setting up our veggie patch at our new place over this summer! Woohoo hope it turns out as good as yours!


  2. Hey,

    I know I already left a comment...but I have to tell you I've been pouring through your blog all morning, and I've decided it's absolutely lovely.
    Congratulations on #3!

    I think you would like the blog my friend in Adelaide shares with me in Sydney. She/the blog keeps me inspired to hold on to vintage loveliness while being a total mumsy with my 6 month old boy Maxwell.