Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preparing for the cold!

Two crafty projects in preparation for a cold Winter ahead.
Firstly, the 'Professor vest' has finally been blocked (not very well, it looks a bit wonky.. I promise, it's not!) and buttoned. I love this wool, so soft! And the buttons are made from coconut shell. The wriggly one hasn't tried it on yet but it looks a much better size than my first, acidic, vest.

The second is a sleep sack. We never had many problems with Aesop kicking blankets off, but Otto is such a wriggler that a sleeping bag is going to be essential in the colder months.
We found one at an op shop recently but with our grubby (and spilly) boy, we needed more than one! Eventually I'll whip up a few more but, for now, I'm pretty happy with this one.
Oh, and a few people asked last time whether I have a special foot for my machine to do cursive applique stuff. The answer to that one is 'no'. I just use the regular ole foot, and for writing I do it freehand ( for pictures I have a bit of a different method..). I've been doing it for years so, hopefully, practise is paying off!

I have so many projects on the go at the moment. Why oh why do is it such a struggle to get things finished before the next thing pops up? I'm so behind! I'm determined to watch less TV for the next few weeks and have more to show for myself... if only that wasn't easier said than done!


  1. Isla is CONSTANTLY kicking her blankets off. My mum just made her 3 sleep sacks and they are awesome, so useful. I kind of want one myself they look so snuggly.

  2. I know what you mean! We had about five sleeping bags for Cohen! The vest is gorgeous. How I wish I could knit. I am going to start on Cohen's next crochet vest soon, as I have nearly finished the ripple crochet cot blanket I have been working on. Which is just as well, the baby who it is for is due in two weeks. :)

  3. Oh that sleep sack is awesome, you're so clever! If you ever make any for Felt, lemme know! And I'm loving how your little rooms are looking, what fun your boys will have in that room full of toys!

  4. Love that little vest, I'm on the hunt for vest patterns for both the kids, if only the sizing of this one was bigger!