Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Like mother (and father!), like son.

When we were little we had an Amiga 500.
We used it, mostly, to play games like Mousetrap, Toki , Hole-in-one and Crazy Cars (best games ever) and to draw for hours in paint. The computer, as far as I was concerned, was a toy.
I found out about the internet when I was about 13. Someone explained email to me ( Woooah mind boggling!) and we used to sneak into chat rooms and laugh at sleazy old men. I found ICQ, figured out how to find websites, and eventually even made my own.. my world was filled with 'uh-ohs' and emails and I even started compiling my first folder of 'Things I like' (I'm a hoarder, ever online!) and I was hooked.
So it made logical sense for me to get into blogging, I'm always online anyway, might as well have something to show for it! But I never picked myself as someone who would start a blog for her kids.
There are few people who make blogs for everything in their lives, about their babies, their wedding, their crafts, a shop blog, a personal blog.. blog blog blog. I like to think I'm not one of those people, but now I'm starting to wonder.
Anywho, the point of this ramble? Aesop has a blog.
It was meant to be a bit of a holiday project for us, but has only really yesterday made a real start. He has chosen the font of the header, the pictures etc himself, and has dictated the words to Abraham, who has typed them out pretty much to the letter.
I'm really proud of Aesop and how well he has done so far (and he is very, very proud of himself and excited about it!), and I really hope that a few of you might 'follow' his blog and, perhaps, post a comment every now and then. It would absolutely make his day!

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  1. I commented on his blog. That boy has made me smile with his imaginaton for months...omg years now really.