Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baking day!

Inspired by Kristin, when Otto went down for his afternoon sleep yesterday Aesop and I donned our aprons and set about a bake-a-thon. Well, actually, we only made three things. But still! That's a heck of a lot more than we usually manage to achieve in an hour. (And we didn't even get too annoyed with each other.. a miracle!)
The crackers were made using the recipe on StripySockStudio. We added rocksalt and a bit of paprika, and cut them out in the shape of hearts. I'm a little concerned that Abraham and Aesop might be too shame-o to eat them in front of anyone but they sure are cute!
The ginger nuts (which for us, maybe due to the impatience to use the tray for the crackers, are much more like ginger kisses! ) are from Clare at Green Valley Crafts.
We also made, but somehow forgot to photograph, our good ole standby cookies from the 'How it all Vegan' book. This time they had choc chips and chunks of apricot. Mmmm-mm.
The only problem with having a house full of baking is that now I also want a belly full of baking. Best get knitting, keep my hands busy!


  1. Hehe... we use the same cracker recipe ;o) only I'd forgotten where I'd found it so couldn't give credit. Lukes not a big fan of them but Finleys too young to know any different, so keep making them I shall!

  2. Oh that makes me feel better! I use snapfish which is mildly cheaper but yes, still very expensive! But the books are a pretty sweet way of getting round it, then you have an instant photo album - and get to spend lots of quality time with your computer while you make it! See? Multi-tasking!

  3. mmmmm you have inspired me to bake some crackers too .... i've got a recipe for olive oil crackers i've been meaning to make so off i trot ....