Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A room for toys.

When I was little all my toys were kept in the closet of the spare room. It was great, it meant that it wasn't hugely important if my friend and I desperately needed to leave our Barbie game out over night ( luckily, because it took us so long to deal out all the clothes and bits and pieces and decide who was going to have the first turn with the Ken. Hah), or if the Lego city we built needed to be finished later. Looking back now, it also was very clever on my parents part, it meant we hardly ever had the toys out in the lounge, and we generally would just spend hours and hours tucked away in the downstairs bedroom.
One of the perks of putting our boys into one bedroom is that they now have a toy room. (They don't even have to share it with a spare bed! Jealous!). It is a lot smaller than the room that we had, and will require a bit more effort to keep it tidy, but hopefully it will provide hours of play, especially when Otto is a bit bigger and the boys can really play together.

Also, on a side note: My twinny-twin (my sister from another mother?) and the sweet Clare from Green Valley Crafts are hoping to put together a Stitch'n'Bitch esque group in Nelson and are wondering if anyone would be keen to go along. They are both love-love-lovely and I wish so much that I could go along. If you're keen, be brave and get in touch with Clare or pop me an email!
As for us Eastern-bay-of-plenty ladies, if you're coming, I'll see you on Sunday! Can't wait!


  1. Hee hee thanks Rhiannon, you're a sweet matchmaker ;)
    Cute toy-room! Love the hearts on the door x

  2. I wish I could come to this Sunday but you know how it is when you are by a southern lake. Hopefully I might be able to make it to the next one. The lolly shop alone is worth coming to the south island for.

  3. do I count as Eastern Bay?? hehe

  4. My kids could spend hours in that room! What lucky children. xxx

  5. Love love love the playroom idea! My parents gave my friends and I a whole portion of the basement to leave our vast Lego empire out (for months and months on end) and it remains in my memory as a shining highlight of my childhood.