Friday, April 2, 2010

Formspring Friday

Another week of great, and sometimes hilarious, questions. Thank you! So much fun to answer them. Please remember if you eever want to know anything the quesiton box is right there on the right! And if you get a formspring please let me know so I can return the favour, I try to ask the ladies I follow at least one question a day! Okay, so here goes..

Is a hip-hop group with a great song called 'Darla' about eating eggs. Check it out!

If you could have any movie characters wardrobe, who would it be and why?
I'm tending toward Selma from 'Dancer in the dark'. A horrendously sad movie but her wardrobe is so perfect. Vintage nana-ish dresses, woollen cardis, headscarves and sensible shoes. But it might also have something to do with the fact that I think having Bjorks real wardrobe would be a dream come true too.

Best decade for fabric?
Late sixties- early seventies. Crimpelene and mod patterned cotton moving into paisley needle cord and amaaazingly patterned polyesters.

On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is your husband?

Do you use a hair straightener or is your fringe just naturally so perfectly placed?
I'm not sure i'd call it perfect, but yes I def use straightners! Not sure how I ever managed without them.

what are your fav blogs???
I have so many amazing blogs that I read every day. My fave blogs this week?,,,, and

Whats your best op shop find EVER
OH MAN. Too hard! Could it be my green cabinet? My blanket chest? The 1940's wool coat that fits like a glove? The statue of Jesus in my kitchen? Oh waaait! My 'Falconware' Budgie vase. Worth a few hundred dollars, mine for just $2... and more important than the price, I love love love it.

Have you ever kissed a girl and liked it?
Ha ha. Im not a fan of cherry chapstick. I do enjoy kissing my friends on the cheeks though.

so how did you "meet" your twin if you've never met?!?
She found me on the interweb!
We used to see each other around Nelson, and everyone each of us knew said we looked alike and some even got us confused, but we never found a reason to meet or speak to each other. (So many uncanny coincidences.. we would have been in the same year of art school had I not decided not to go, we had friends in common and she nearly came to a stitch n bitch group, prob at my house... etc but yet we never actually met.)

Thoughts on reality tv?
It depends. Most of the time I would say 'Cheesy as anything.' But I must confess there have been a few where I have been just as fascinated as the rest of the population.

will you be having any more kids?
Yes! We plan/hope to have one more. Not sure quite how we will be able to afford three children but love is more important than money, right?

why is a mouse when it spins??
Ummmm, I'm not sure but you could ask my compost bin.. for some reason it is full of mice!

if you could change your name, what would you choose?
I'm quite fond of my current name actually. Though if forced to cchange it I'd choose something old fashioned like Doris, or my nana's name which was Marjorie. And a surname? Smiles. Marjorie Smiles. Perfect.

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  1. Hey, that's me, up there, in your blog post!! I'm super pleased you've been visiting and enjoying yourself. That formspring thing looks like fun and I shall have think of some good questions to ask you. I think you'd suit Doris or Marjorie they're very sweet names. I broke my mother's heart when I was younger by wishing I'd been called Dora instead. Ha!