Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My weekend.

I'm not a giant fan of Easter. You won't catch me making easter crafts, or even particularly enjoying mounds of easter eggs etc. We're not religious and we didn't celebrate it as a child ( my parents gave us money instead of eggs and it was just like a regular weekend.).
But do you know what I do love? Long weekends. I love getting to the end of the first two days and realising Abraham still has another day off. So good.
Needless to say, my weekend consisted of lots of family time, a bit of sewing time, a tonne of relaxing and only a smidgen of egg hunting.
Mum and Dad took Aesop camping  with them for two nights which was a  treat for both him and us. He spent hours and hours down at the playground with the other camping kids, and we had a nice quiet time at home, pottering around and hanging out with Otto and each other.
We had a small string maze on Sunday morning for Aesop and yesterday my Father-in-law, Steve, came over from Te Puke for the day. We ate Abrahams amazing cheese scones and our lounge was taken over by part of the Thomas set. Funtimes!
I did manage a bit of crafting in the middle, and will post some pictures of those things tomorrow.
Hope you all had a super dooper long weekend (and Easter if that's your thing).


  1. i love the shot of otto at the beach, it really makes me miss home though... and cheese scones, yum ...

  2. That photo of Otto is classic. The one of Aesop is weird, the stance I guess. Such a funny child. Thanks for helping me with the string thing.