Friday, April 23, 2010

Craft 2.0 and another list!

(My first ever stall at Craftwerk.)

Well, dear friends, it is offical.. I am mad.
Kristin and I have decided to drive down to Wellington to Craft2.0 in June. We are going to pack up the car on the Fridday, drive 8 hours, do a craft fair all day Saturday and then drive back Sunday. Oh, did I mention we are taking Otto and Archer? Ah yes, 8+ hours travelling with two under-ones.
Oh, did I also mention that gives me approx 40 days to sew all the stock for my stall?!
But it is also pretty exciting. Once I look past the madness of sewing, the insane journey and the nerves that come with selling things in real life, I realise that we're going to Craft2.0! I'm going to catch up with dozens of lovelies that I haven't seen for years, meet new amazing people and have a total blast (a blast that will involve a overtired, grizzly boy at times, but a blast all the same.)

In order to help me get myself organised, I have decided to share another list with you. This is the list of crafting I need to complete before the 11th of June:

Non -Craft2.0:

* A hoodie for my Dad. (1)
* Baby shoes for my mum to give as a present. (1)
* two birthday presents for Abraham. (0)
* Finish the wedding present for Holly and Ben. (1)
* Baby clothes as a swap for business card design with Hazel. (4)
* A baby hoodie for friends who are due soon. (1)

(To get to my minimum stock level.)

* 30 flower brooches (11)
* 9 applique brooches (9)
* 2 quilt bags (2)
* 2 'ball' bags (2)
* 1 longsleeve hoodie (2)
* 3 sleeveless hoodies (2)
* 2 skirts (2)
* 3 tops (1)
* 2 regular bags (2)

And that doesn't include all of the other things I need to organise ready for the fair. Hmmm. 1.6 (1.05!) things a day. Over loading myself much? Will keep you posted, but for now I'm off to the supermarket to stock up on the RedBull, I sense some late nights coming up.

(Note to self: was 41 days from 29th April..)


  1. I love that you worked it out - 1.6 things a day! You may be a little mad, but hey, I'm sure you will have so much fun once you get there.

  2. oh that sounds like great fun, brave you. I hope it all goes well, the travelling with kids part scares me the most, but the crafting part sounds the best bit!

  3. oh dear. 40 days. that scares me. and the travelling! I have my fingers crossed Archer will sleep most of the way, bar his feeds. (note to self... get something interesting for him to look at and play with in the car).

    You are really good doing a list. I need to do that too I think.

    And late nights are the only way I'm going to get anything done... Lucky I'm already used to the sleep deprivation!! x

  4. Well remember you have a willing babysitting offer for the fair. I have a huge back yard and cats to chase and all that!
    I was thinking of asking if you wanted to swap a ball bag for a hobby horse for your kiddos. If you're keen I'm willing to wait until after the fair though nd you can take the horse back with you. That list is long! Let me know if you're keen.

  5. Come and say hello to me - Helen Stripy Socks and I are having a stall together and I'd love to meet you in real life.

  6. Sounds like alot of crafting madness good luck with the stall guys.

  7. good luck my friend!! we will limit our phone calls to ABSOLUTE emergencies (christine colossus counts as an emergency hehehehe)

    love amy

  8. Does this mean you will be too busy for a fejoa gathering, tea drinking (me not you) and biscuit eating playdate on Monday?

  9. i think you might be a little bit crazy, especially taking the wee ones on the road trip !! :)

  10. awsome!!! good on you! i might even make it down to come and say hello!

  11. Yay! I'm so excited - it will be super awesome to meet you :D

  12. You guys are awesome!
    Let me know if you need any help in Welly lands. I have spare racks and all other market-y type things in abundance incase you can't fit them in the car with babies and all, or you get half way to Wellington and realise ... ooops.

    Will be great to meet you on the day anyway.

    Good luck with all your sewing!