Monday, April 12, 2010

Room for two!

Remember I mentioned we were thinking of moving the boys into one room? Well, it happened this weekend!
Who knew two boys could have so much stuff? Guess they take after their mother!
I really wanted to have the toy room sorted to share photos of that at the same time, but alas, time didn't allow for me to finish sorting it all out.
So far so good though, I'm really happy with how the bedroom looks. I'm especially happy with our little reading corner (the cushions will be covered eventually..) where I envision hours of lying around with the boys, reading to both of them and Aesop reading to his little brother!

(I'm not going to jinx myself by talking about how the sleeping is going.. that will have to wait a wee bit. )


  1. This is such a cool room! I luuurve that reading corner. Where did you get that awesome library-like display shelf? Aesop's quilt is rad. My two are in the same room also but even though we made an effort not to get too much girly stuff for Soph, it seems quite a feminine room. Maybe we need a couple of trucks to butch it up a bit.

  2. looks awsome!
    we moved our two boys in together a few months ago and it has been great :) (apart fomr the early morning squeeling competitions, if you can call before 6 morning)
    hehe looks like we have the same cot and mobile too ;)

  3. Yeah you did a great job Rhiannon. Well done.

    Not even going to mention how well they might be sleeping. Fingers crossed.