Saturday, April 10, 2010

Formspring Friday

A day late, and not many questions this week. I'm really enjoying answering questions so, pretty please ask away if you ever want to know anything (the box on the right!).

What is your favorite book? :)
I don't really get much time for reading these days so I can't really think of a favourite book, sorry. Terrible, huh?

what do you love most about NZ?
I'm not sure what I love MOST, to be honest. But I can tell you that I love that our 'huge big serious' news stories are things like politicians using tax payer money to take their wives on holiday, instead of who is going to attack us next etc. I love our kiwi twang (fush n chips!), I love how rough and ready we are, I love the scenery and I love love that we live in a country/town where we can, if we choose, walk around safely (even at night) and accidently leave our things outside and still have them in the morning. Basically, I heart New Zealand.

what is/are your addiction/s?!
Op shopping! internet! eating! Nothing too horrendously damaging, but all very time consuming!

Are you religious at all?
No. Not at all. I do collect religious icons, but that is purely for the aesthetic value.

what do you think is your favourite thing of everything you've ever made? by squidgyums
I'm very fond of my new dress but I have a feeling my yoyo quilt will be absolute fav.. when I finally finish it!

cliche I know, but if you were a crayon, which colour would you be? by squidgyums
I used to think I'd be one of those crayons with all of the different colours. But these days I think maybe I'd be a mustardy yellow.

knitting or sewing... which do you enjoy more?
Sewing is more of an instant gratification but there's just something so satisfying about knitting away at something and making an entire garment from a single strand of wool! I would have to say knitting at the moment, but I always have at least one project, of each type, on the go at all times.

Have you travelled the world? by speckledegg
No, not really. I have been overseas, visiting relations in the UK and Wales with my parents when I was younger, and then a year long exchange in the Netherlands as a teenager, but otherwise, no. And to be honest I don't have any desire to, so far.


  1. You've started quite a trend with your "Formspring Friday" idea! Hope you don't mind me jumping on the bandwagon! Catch up soon xx

  2. dammit, you were a day late so i didnt get remenidng to do mine! hahahahah will have to do it tomorrow ;)