Saturday, April 3, 2010

Toxic crusader and a scowl.

I finally seem to have the knitting bug back. It feels like it's been a very long (and much too hot..) Summer without any knitting, so it's nice to be getting back into it.
First up I thought I'd give the 5th Avenue cowl another whirl. I made one for my sister for xmas last year, but made hers about half the length and in a bright purple. I made this one from wool that used to be a Stussy brand jumper, a wool and cotton blend.
I wanted this one to be lovely and long for lots of wrapping and wide for the 'bulk' factor, but I got a wee bit impatient and it's not quite as bulky as I'd hoped.
(This picture is rather irrelevant, but it matches!)

Next up is a bit of a funny one.
I found 8 balls of this, very acidic, green wool in the thrifties a few months ago. I had planned to make a huge big YOKOO-esque cowl with it (can you tell, I'm really feeling the cowls at the mo'..) but once I opened the bags and got to knitting I found it was actually a bit scratchy.
I realise that often wool will soften with washing, but I wasn't going to risk ending up with a giant scratchy scarf and realised that it would need to become outwear. Then I remembered the 'Professor vest'!
I have been waiting for the perfect brown, tweedy wool to whip one of these up for Otto, and figured I might give it a whirl with the toxic green instead.
Hmmm when will I ever learn that gauge swatches are done for a reason?!
The vest is huge. It won't fit Otto until next Winter! Bummer!
But on a plus note it's actually kind of cute, the pattern is awesome (just like your first one samlamb! You are wonderful!), I've made a start on next years knitting, and it's got me thinking of what else I can do with the wool, rather than just taking it back to the oppie. Any ideas?


  1. That is one fabulous green! Maybe you could make matching hats for the boys with your leftovers?

  2. First up, I love your grey cowl. I too am feeling cowl love and that's such a good idea unwinding an old jersey. I have that professor vest on my ravelry favs but haven't got around to making it yet. Yours turned out great! You could always make another smaller one for Otto to wear this year, or perhaps you could still make some sort of cowl thing for yourself but back it with cotton to go against your skin?

  3. I'm thinking a cowl may just be the reason to give those circular needles another go... bought a heap on trademe, so no excuses now. I think I'm going to have to give the prfessor vest a go too...even if it's summer when A's due to fit it!

  4. I wish I had your knitting expertise (or could even knit at all)! I love the green, and what a cute style of vest! Maybe you could knit some cute little balls with the remainder...