Friday, April 16, 2010

Formspring Friday!

Here we are again! I had so, so many fun questions this week! Pretty please keep 'em coming, I am having a ball answering them all.
So, without further ado:

Do you have a "parenting philosophy"?
I'm really not sure.

We are fairly strict parents, I think. We really enforce manners and good behaviour at all times. We try not to yell too much (I fail a bit at this, Abraham is great at it.) and we do not hit our kids. Instead we use behaviour charts, a naughty seat and removal of prviliges/toys. All of which have worked well for Aesop.

We endeavour to encourage our children to be confident, honest and true to themselves but also considerate of others.

I'm not sure that is a philosophy as such, but it pretty much sums up our parenting!

for the non 'knitties' amongst us - what is blocking?!! (as in professor vest blog of 13/4)

Blocking is basically stretching the knitting out, when it is wet, into the shape it is meant to be. It helps to get the right shape but can also help when things are knit a little short, or narrow etc. There is a great explaination here:

Favourite junk food/takeaways?

Mmmm I absolutely love a good, mild, curry. We get 'chicken madras', a garlic naan and a huge helping of onion bhaji. Heavenly.
But I must also confess to being quite partial to a BK chicken with bacon. Oh yes, there's a reason I'm not thin.

Your boys have such cool names, so if you had a girl baby what would you call her?

Olive Poppy Larsen : ) Olive after Abrahams Nana and Poppy because I like it. (Despite the Olive Oyl/Popeye thing... in fact, maybe even more because of that! (And thanks!)

night owl or early bird?

Hah, neither really. I work best during working hours!

Where is your favourite nz holiday destination?

I haven't been on many NZ holidays to be honest! But if I were to give advice to someone coming to NZ I would tell them that both Nelson and Waiheke Island were must-visits.

Do you mind the fact that so many fellow bloggers have adopted your Formspring Friday idea? (hehe)

I adopted it from someone else too! I would love to take credit but, alas, I think it's a fairly common bloggy thing to do.

Fav song to sing in the shower?

I am terribly embarassed to admit that, at the moment, I have been singing a lot of Miley Cyrus in the shower. Oh the shame.

Who do you write your blog to? Like do you have a reader in mind when you write your posts? Do you think, hhmmm, mum will read this and so on? Or is it all just for you?

I mostly write to an imaginary person. Someone who I imagine to be reading my site, but not specific people I know who read it. Does that make sense? I guess I try to write a blog that I would like to read. That said, I do censor myself on occasion due to knowing that certain people will read it.

Any plans for more babies??

We are still hmm-ing and haa-ing over that one. We would like one more but lately Aesop has been really ,really hard work and somedays I really feel like I don't know how I would cope. We also worry a little about money, but in an ideal world: yes.

When you take photos of yourself do you use the cameras self timer or did someone else take the shot for you?

I use the self timer, always. I tend to only like photos of myself if I have taken them myself! Weird.

Do you consider yourself to be a good dancer?

I'm a terrible dancer! I have nil rhythm and just sort of step and jig around the place. haha.

How many tattoos do you have? Where and what are they of?

I only have the two roses on my chest. But I hope to get a doily tattoo on my 30th birthday, possibly on my forearm.

Whats your favourite vegetable and fruit?

Can I do top threes? I love me some guavas, feijoas and figs. They would have to be my top three fruits. Vegies? Potato, Kumara (New Zealand sweet potato) and courgette. Mmm-mm.

Sea or lake?

Neither much. I'm not big on swimming, partially down to not being keen on sharing too much skin. But in terms of scenery I would say the ocean.. the utter emormity of it is quite stunning.

What's your favourite season and why?

I like most all the seasons, other than Summer. I think Autumn might be my absolute fave though.. cold but not too freezing, all my favourite fruits are in season and the leaves falling and weather turning is beautiful.

Why 'toast' and life?

'Toast Clothing' is my (currently on maternity leave. hah!) clothing label. And since this blog was meant to be about my return to sewing, as well as my life, Toast and life seemed fitting!

Do your boys drive you mad sometimes?

SO funny you should ask that today. I have just finished yelling at Aesop : ( I am not an 'earth mother' type AT ALL. We are on school holidays at the moment and I am counting down the hours until my very-lovely-but-incredibly-moody-and-attitude-filled 5 year old is back to school.

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  1. It's so fun seeing your answers! Hmmm must think of more questions. It's marvellous seeing someone admit to not being the perfect mother - I'm a quite the shouter and I'm getting seriously worried it's going to be my childrens' lasting memory of their formative years. My husband and I originally thought we'd have four kids. Yeah, nah.