Friday, April 30, 2010

Formspring Friday

(A picture of Otto, cause because!)

Have got any tips on helping babies to sleep better during the day. My one year girl thinks 25min naps once or sometime twice a day if I'm lucky, is the way she wants live, I tend to disagree. Hmm, we have only just really mastered this one now (at almost ten months) and I can't guarentee how long it will last.. but we have found Otto sleeps much, much better in a really dark room, with a radio playing lightly and snuggled up with his dummy and snuggy blanket (much to my horror!). We are lucky in the sense that we are still breastfeeding so, if Otto is cranky before he goes to bed, I can soothe him by giving him a feed. Am sure you have tried all of those things though : ( All I can really say is 'good luck' and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

so you have 3 bloggers in your house - do you all share 1 computer? (we find this difficult in our house)
Three bloggers! Jeepers, we do too. Well, we actually own three computers (geeks much?) but the laptop gets the most use. We all do our blogging on it, and most other things. The other computer that is inetnet able is in my studio and I use that when this one is busy etc.

what are the first 5 websites in your "history" ? We have the history turned off! Works best for us that way.

whats one thing you would love to do at least once in your life, if money etc wasn't an issue (no limitations). by squidgyums
I want to go and see my friend Anu in Finland. Obvsiously there are other friends and family I would love to visit around the world, but I would love love love to see Helsinki and would delight so much in seeing Anu and meeting her wee family.

Desert Island - one food item, one drink item, one book, one CD, one movie. Name them!
Peanut butter, just juice, Mishka, 500 days of Summer.

How long do you spent on the internet in a day?
Too bloody long. But really, all up? maybe two to three hours. God that sounds awful! I'm trying to cut back.

If you could have a kid-free weekend what would you do?
I would pack Abraham and an mp3 playerful of good music into the car and we would go on a roadtrip! Somewhere with lots of thrifting stops along the way, a nice restaurant for dinner and a comfy bed at the other end.

Did you do well at school?
Not really. Not as well as I should have done. I was very distracted by the social aspects of high school and didn't put much effort into my studies at all. One thing I sort of wish I had done differently.

Who taught you to sew?
I took sewing in High school and was fairly dreadful at it. I taught myself how to sew 'properly' When I moved to Nelson aged 19.

Favourite TV show?
Go Girls! Also love Outrageous Fortune, Nurse Jackie, House and Bones.


  1. Great answers Rhiannon! You sound real brainy on these. Which makes sense, cause you are.

  2. Haha my verification word was 'Mingst'.

    That's like a cross between angst and... well, you know.