Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter crafty round-up.

After a super grouchy morning on Sunday (we all have days like that, right?) Abraham took Otto on a big long walk (where he filmed this) and  I locked myself in the studio from some serious sewing.
I finally got round to cutting up a few of the jumpers I have been picking up from the dollar rack and the op shop and, heavily inspired by the Craftykin pants tutorial and the MADE vest tutorial (which I didn't actually read, but I was very inspired by the pictures.), I whipped up two pairs of pants for Otto and a vest for the noisy one.
I also cut up a sweatshirt and made a wee pair of trackpants. I was stoked with how they turned out, I love the fabric on the knees. All of the pants are a tad big for Otto at the moment but, at the rate he is growing, they won't be for long!

I also managed a bit of knitting. I whipped up another 'professor vest', this time in a smaller size (and a slightly blander colour!) for Otto to wear now. It is awaiting a wash/block, buttons and perhaps an applique. I had hoped to do that yesterday but we were dealt a pretty gloomy, wet day.. we even had thunder and lightening! Not a great day for washing.
The second item will be a jumper for Aesop. I'm using re-purposed oatmeal coloured wool and it is, at the moment, full of kinks. It makes for a pretty ugly UFO but I'm confident it will all even out with some steam ironing and a good wash. I just need to get over my fear of double points so that I can do the sleeves!

I was pretty pleased with my little pile of crafted goodies. Should  keep my crafty urges satisfied for a week or so.. goodness knows I won't be doing much crafting with both the boys home for the holidays.


  1. Those leggings are adorable....xx

  2. Love the pants and vest! I just made some last night too, only I forgot about the tutorial until after I'd finished which was silly. I had to unpick a few seams, but got there in the end.
    Your blog is really great, btw. =)

  3. glad you had a grumpy day too, our grumpy day was friday.... it is completely normal !!!!!!! l wish I could knit and sew like you :)

  4. oh my, do your boys ever look super adorable in their new clothes and a big thank you for the links (especially the pants...i think milo could use a few pairs of these!)

    a very crafty day indeed!

  5. you've been busy. So glad you made some pants, they are super cute! And love the vests too.