Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mama's little helper.

While Otto is not the greatest sleeper he makes up for it by being extremely helpful around the house.
He is a master knitting aide, reading the patterns, unravelling the wool for me and even giving it a bit of lubrication for ease of use.
He also likes to re-arrange toys and small furniture, remove small pieces of food from the ground, decorate the carpet, groom the cat, wipe down the front of the tv and put the dvds back in order.
But his specialty, at the moment, is definitely gardening. He is just great at pruning shrubs and removing caterpillars. But his talent truly shines when it comes to the soil. Moving it from place to place, checking the texture is correct,  and... adjusting the dampness levels.
What would I do without him?
I really am so thankful for my dirt-covered, rosemary scented baby.... even after pulling an all nighter.

(Also, thanks to Ariel for featuring Aesop's 5th party on the Offbeat Mama blog. Loooove her blogs and so stoked to be a part of it all.)

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  1. This guy has it all - good looks, handy about the house, the ultimate stripy onesie... Oh how I'm coveting that onesie.