Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A quickie.

Otto seems to sleep quite sporadically at the moment.
Some days he will have two 1 1/2 hours sleeps, right on time, and other days he will push to stay awake all day, only giving in to a twenty minute sleep here and there.
I tend to spend his sleep time (such as now..) doing things that don't take much time, just in case he is going to have one of his mini-sleeps. I blog, I do dishes, I put washing out, I knit a few rows, etc. That way I sort of avoid the disappointment of having to stop doing something just as I was really getting into it. Not entirely logical but it's just how things work at the moment.
Yesterday I thought I would try something a bit different. I figured, if I was quick, I could cut out some shapes and sew them onto some of Otto's clothes in just twenty short minutes, so even if he woke quickly I would be done. I was right! And I felt very pleased with myself!
The wee jumpers were gifted to us by Lucy. They were knitted for Kyan by her MIL and are very cute indeed. The onesies were half price ($3!) at Farmers so, all in all, a super quick and very cheap wee wardrobe addition!


  1. Cute! Do you have a special foot for your sewing machine to be able to write easily (go smoothly round small curves etc)?

  2. Wow those are great! I love your things, have been eyeing up some clothing items in your etsy store, just have to talk Zan into letting me buy some new clothes! Hey and what address should I send that wee pillow slip to? It's freshly laundered now and ready to go!

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  4. sorry, bad typo and I'm picky. You're a very clever lady! Love the crocodile!

  5. love the speech bubble and otto is such as cute name x

  6. very cute cever you, and look at that sweet boy with his big bue eyes and cute tiny teeth :)
    And I totally know what you mean with the napping thing, used to drive me bananas, I'm quite glad Isla is nearly dropping her day sleeps - freeedom!
    Love the writing, did you just wing it on the sewing machine, or do you have a fancy stitchng kind of sewing machine.

  7. I LOVE what you did with the jerseys! The brown one was actually Islas as well so to see it still being loved albeit now onto it's third owner is just so cool-my MIL will be really pleased xx