Thursday, March 25, 2010

A green day..

Yesterday was a green sort of a day. The weather might have been closer to grey, and my week as a whole might be closer to a horrendously busy 80's neon pattern, but yesterday was definitely green.
My lovely sis-in-law Holly and her man are getting married this weekend  and it's all go around here ( I hate to think how things are at her place!) to get things ready for the wedding and to get jobs done in order to be able to head away for the weekend.

My 'job' was to make the bunting. It seems to be becoming my 'thing', after I made it for Aesop's second birthday it has featured in most family events since.
I was asked to make at least 20 metres of green and white ( the wedding colours) bunting to decorate the marquee. I think at last count there were about 130+ little double sided flags and I, thankfully, only have about two metres of binding left to sew and I'll be done.  Remind me next time not to leave it til the last week, okay? Oh, and also pretty please remind me that I should plan my outfit ahead of time too. That floral snippet up there is the dress I started on Tuesday when I decided I didn't like anything in my closet. Oh dear.

Something else that has not helped our busy week are Otto's ears.  I mentioned briefly that he had ear infections in both ears over the birthday party week.. well now those infections have turned into glue ear. The poor wee guy is just not having much luck at the moment. And in turn, we're not having the greatest time sleeping.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and  I hope you will too, that the little ears calm down for the wedding weekend and also that I manage to finish my must-be-mad-to-be-making dress in time! I can just picture it now, all the family photos of me in some other raggedy old dress, holding a screaming, snotty baby. Oh dear!


  1. Clearly Otto's sore ears haven't managed to interfere with his awesome facials though-which is a relief! Hang in there with your crazy workload and have a great weekend xx

  2. Damn what a screwface!

    Bunting and the garden are both awesome. Been loving the salads.

    Thank God that week is over.