Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday strollin'.

Saturday afternoon was ice cream weather at its finest.
I don't eat ice cream so I'm not the best judge of that, but Abraham and Aesop deemed it so, and I can't really argue with that. Either way, it was definitely a great afternoon for a stroll down to the shop.
I really like the walk down to Kope, there are so many lovely houses on our street that I like to daydream about living in. I picture what each one looks like inside and how our furniture would work, and the things we would do when we lived there.
The one on the corner, the one with the camper out the back, is perhaps one of the cutest houses I've seen. It's in nearly un-shanged condition since it was built (no aluminium windows there!), has a sprawling lawn, a HUGE backyard and a even huger garage/shed out the back that would fit multiple cars and who knows what else.
The little old couple that live there are adorable. They are always sitting outside their front door in their little retro sunchairs, or pottering in the garden. I once walked past as the elderly man was pruning the lemon tree and he loaded up bottom of my stroller with lemons. It made my day.
Imaging we own that house is easy, I just pretend that Abraham and I are the old lady and man, pottering around, sitting watching the world go by, and sharing our lemons.
Cute little old people, growing old with each other. I like to think of that one as more of a preview than a daydream.

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