Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The wedding.

On Saturday, dressed in my new dress, I was privileged enough to attend a very beautiful wedding.
It was held up near lake Okataina, close to Rotorua. The ceremony took place in the prettiest little clearing in the bush, accessed by a ramble along a pathway lined with blackberries and natives shrub.
The sun shone, the birds chirped and we were witness to the marriage of two very lovely people.
The vows were sincere and beautifully written, the reading went without a hitch and the attention to detail was spectacular- bunting in the gazebo (I forgot to get a picture!), a hundred or so tiny mismatched vintage sherry glasses for a round of mead wine, flower petals up the 'aisle', vintage linen table cloths buckets of green and white foliage and flowers, and a delectable carrot cake.
And that's just the ceremony. The reception was held in a marquee - decked out with white table clothes, vintage glass bottles holding hand-picked flowers, tealight candles, fern fronds and even a glass chandelier. Stunning.
The the speeches were the prefect mix of funny and sentimental, food was great, the music was incredibly dance-worthy (good work Abraham!) and the company was even better.
I love family weddings!
Oh, but did I mention the dress?! It was absolutely breathtaking. Holly is gorgeous anyway, but she looked so, so beautiful walking down the aisle it brought a tear to my eye. Such a vision.

Holly and Ben are not 'internet-y' people like us so I can't show you to a flickr page or anything for more photos, and I will keep my fingers crossed that Holly is okay with me showing you the one photo. But surely I couldn't keep such a beautiful day all to myself?

(Let us not mention the stress of getting ready, the fact we had to leave early with a screaming baby and Aesop whinging through the entire service, okay? These are things best forgotten...)

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  1. This is a long winded story but I was at the photographers work and one of his workmates said she saw the photos and they were awwwwwwwwwwesome. Can't wait to see them.