Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free shipping!

For the next week, in my Etsy shop, I am offering FREE SHIPPING (shouting cause that's exciting..) to all addresses in New Zealand and Australia. I'm feeling generous, so now is the perfect time to snaffle up something you might have our eye on.
Simply put the sale through as normal and if you are paying by Paypal I will refund the shipping cost and if you are paying by internet deposit (in NZ) I will email you my bank details and simply skip the postage.

Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

(Okay... advertising over. We will continue with our regular scheduled broadcast shortly...)


  1. jeei, ik heb eindelijk een van je mooie brooches gekocht :)! wat leuk, kan niet wachten!

  2. Hey, I (couldn't help but) notice that your wee boy is a Star Wars fan. I happened upon a Star Wars pillowcase during a recent opshop tour, with the intention of making some things out of it, but wondered if instead your little boy would like it? It's from Return of the Jedi... Let me know if you are interested and I can post it to you...

    Also, I have a friend who lives in the Whakatane area and is very crafty, do you mind if I let her know about your craft evenings? If they are open to new people I think she might be quite keen! Cheers

  3. Great, I'll let her know! My email is stafish6@hotmail.com - if you want to email me your address (for pillow case). :-)