Sunday, March 21, 2010


(Totally unrelated photo.. just cause..)

Our new routine, with a school boy in the house , has thrown me a bit.
I'm so used to waking when Abraham leaves, dawdling around getting the boys ready, bit of internetting, and then heading to preschool at ten ( and even then I was often late!).
These days my alarm goes at half six and if I get up any later we struggle to get out the door at half eight! Lunch needs to be a lot more organised ( noone to heat up leftovers, or cook 2-min noodles for him!) and I have book bags and all sorts of other things to think about. Guess it will just take another week or so.

Speaking of adjustments, we have another big one coming up.
No, not more babies..
The boys will be moving into the same room in just over a week.
Last year we had the most ridiculously huge power bills and while they would be slightly less this year, now that Otto is now longer teensy tiny, I'm still not liking the thought of paying to heat more than one bedroom.  Abraham and I can go without but the boys need a heater, and we don't have another nearly $1100 for power!!

I googled hints and tips on having young 'uns sharing a room, and mostly came up with just suggestions on how to decorate a shared room. Hmm... don't think we'll have that problem!
So if any of you have any ideas that might help our transition into a shared room, they would be greatly appreciated. Otto will be 9 months, and Aesop is, of course, a mighty 5-yr-old. Aesop sleeps through the night, not even waking to his brother screaming in the next room etc (paper thin walls in our old whare). And Otto, on a normal night, will go down well and sleep through until about 3am, going back to sleep until about 6:30. Sounds to me like it will work, but any help would be great!


  1. first - what an adorable little guy in the unrelated photo. so, so cute.

    i didn't realize our kids are exactly the same age difference. and we were debating the "sharing" idea just last night, but milo (at 9 months) is still waking 4-5 times a night. i think that otto's schedule seems ideal for the big move, and all i've ever heard is that kids just love sharing rooms. the transition is probably harder on us? but if otto wakes a little more than normal, and bringing him into your room part-way through the night is a possibility, that might help transitioning him.

    good luck!

  2. What a cutie! Otto looks good too :)