Monday, March 22, 2010

Stitch and erm, chat. #1!

Yesterday was the very first of our, hopefully, monthly crafty afternoons.
Ever since I moved to Whakatane I've wanted to start some sort of crafty group, perhaps in an attempt to replace the lovely one I had in Nelson, but mostly because you just can't beat a few hours with some seriously talented and crafty ladies for inspiration.
I had a lovely time eating chelsea buns (apricot and choc, from the Edmonds cook book..) and white choc and rasp friands ( that clever Lucy), drinking asti and orange juice, gooing over wee baby Archer and, of course, a bit of stitching.
Lucy was working on a very, very tricky looking pinecone bag, Rozi on an amazing vintage dress, Philly on a pretty floral top (her very first handmade item of clothing!), Kristin on a knitted hoodie for the gorgeous one (who was, unfortunately, not so stoked that Kristin decided to make the trip over to meet us. We were though!) and I was knitting away at a cowl which I'll show you in a few days. All in all very productive!

Can't wait for next month, and if you are in the area (or want to make the trip) let me know.. the more the merrier!


  1. Cool, looks like fun. Who was in your Nelson group? Do you know if they are still meeting...?

  2. Looks like a great crafternoon get together there. How did you go about finding people for your craft group? I'd love to have a little craft get together once a month, but only know one other crafty girl in my area! :)

  3. Such a lovely afternoon! Thanks for inviting moi xx

  4. yes, it was a great afternoon! so good to finally meet both you and Lucy. I'm really looking forward to next month... fingers crossed Archer will be happier next time! xx