Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good bye 'work', hello school!

Aesop celebrated his last day of 'work' (what we've always had to call preschool) with 50+ mini cupcakes for his class, a dress rehearsal of his costume for the party, and a long day of playing and 'good-bye' saying.
It was very surreal to say 'see ya later' to all the the amazing teachers, and kids, that we've seen at least a few times a week for the last three years. I am so used to driving to preschool that it's going to take a lot of remembering to keep driving straight, toward school, and not make the turn off to preschool each morning.

But he took it all very well. There were no tears shed, and he made it all look very organic, like the timing was perfect. He promised the teachers he would pop back for a visit sometime, to show off his uniform, and away he went.

He was much the same when it came to saying good-bye to me this morning. His very first day of school, all dressed up in his new gears, sitting on the mat with the other little 'big' kids, legs crossed and arms folded. I told him I was leaving, before his brother packed it in, and I expected at least a hint of 'Nooo, please stay, just a little longer..'. I was presented with a cheek to kiss, Otto got a kiss and he turned back round, re folded his legs and that was that.

I knew he was ready for school, I've said it for the last year or so. But judging by the tears that fell as I walked out to the car.. perhaps I am less ready than I thought?

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