Monday, March 1, 2010


Last week was a bit of a 'bad blogger' week for me, sorry about that!
It wasn't due to a bad week, or even an unproductive week, perhaps quite the opposite really.
'Twas a week of school visits, birthday party prep, gardening, housework and plenty of thinking about where my priorities lie and why I have been feeling so overwhelmed.
I have ended the week with a garden full of vegie seedlings, a tidy house, a dozen or so half-made vader dolls, piles of washed and ironed fabric, a new household management notebook (a section each for budget, food and to-do lists) and a renewed commitment to be a super-tastic housewife and mother above everything else in my life.
I've laid aside the inner guilt at not being an earning member of the household, allowed myself the realisation that I really don't have time to be sewing to sell right now and be doing everything else I find important at the same time. I want to use my crafty skills to make things purely for my family, friends and myself for the first time ever. Not forever, but definitely for the next few months.
I have decided I will balance out my lack of earning by  providing my family with a lovely, more organised and thus, happier home. I want to do more baking and cooking from scratch and keep a tidier house. I have also realised I need to get back into some sort of exercise and that I want to spend more time at home rather than out coffee-ing and running errands (being organised is the key to this!).
And an important realisation for me: I want more music in our lives. Less TV and much, much more music. I have grand plans to make new playlists on my mp3 player and to burn cds for easy access to great music. It really, truly changes the whole mood of the household and we've needed that lately.
All of these are just really small changes but I expect the difference will be huge.
It may affect a few of my list things though.. hmm.. but we'll deal with that later in the year.


  1. I totally get you on the guilt thing, it's so hard! I am fortunate enought that Luke has NEVER pressured me into finding work, even when I was unemployed before we got married/had kids. I loved making the hoodies to sell last year, but the pressure was intense and sadly I didn't spend as much time with Fin as I probably should've and definately not enough time with Luke. And the stress when nothing is selling is totally not worth it, so I am also in two minds what to do!

    You are so right, being Mum and Wife should definately be top priority in our lives.

  2. Sounds like you have had a good think about things, good on you. I'm just looking into going back to work later in the year when my parental leave runs out. I think my old job (part time at the local library) would be easier than making stuff to sell...but I just can't shake the idea, its still my dream. I like your "household management notebook"! I love lists and notebooks, I make myself a list most mornings just to get thru the day. Let us know if you come across any new music gems, I've always got my ears open for something new.

  3. Your post and Kristin's & Clare's comments are resonating with me right now! I've had a renewed outlook too about being a stay-at-home mum - three cheers for us!

  4. Wow how did you read my mind!! These are all things that I have been thinking about, sticking with me every minute of the day. I think it must quite common among us stay at home mums. You have totally summed it all up, we should all give ourselves a big pat on the back for the all consuming wonderful job of being mothers and wives/partners.