Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This week.. so far..

- Standing. So much standing. Otto is just growing in leaps and bounds. He has a top tooth nearly through (making three pegs in total), he is pulling himself up on nearly everything, and is even beginning to inch his way along to grab things while he's at it! He is (dare I jinx it?) sleeping 10, or even 12, hours most nights and is chomping his way through three meals a day. No wonder he is nearly in his size one clothes!
(Oh and he is obsessed with Blues clues. The other morning programs he can take or leave but as soon as Joe and Blue are on screen he is riiiight into it. Fear not, I do not allow him to watch the whole show with his eyeballs touching the screen, Promise.)- Biking. I dusted off the ole chariot and took Aesop on the 'Mayoral challenge'. We rode our bikes, with a little help from Nana on foot, from the bridge to the yacht club with only one minor tumble. Aesop is not the most confident of kids when it comes to physical stuff, probably not helped by spending all of last summer in a leg cast, so this was a pretty cool achievement for him. Next time I will take a long a recorded message to save my voice 'Keep left Aesop, watch out Aesop, keep left Aesop, LEFT Aesop!)

- Lettuce! From my garden! Woo.

- A fairly productive half-week in terms of both party prep and housewifeness. I baked biscuits, tidied the house, made food from scratch each night and managed to keep up with the washing. I finished 11 vader dolls and Aesop's cape. I made a start on the light sabers handles, my costume, the shopping list, and one of his presents. I also bought the balloons, made the streamers and did a few other little things. Full steam ahead!

- School stuff. I also picked up Aesop's school supplies. HOLY. Talk about expensive. But I've ranted enough about that to pretty much everyone I know so I'll save you from it. Let's just say we will be looking into sneaky ways of making our own uniform for winter!
On the bright side, I had fun covering Aesop's books. I used old pictures from his magazines and tried to choose things he likes rather than things I want him to like. Isn't it amazing how we think we will bring our kids up on good wholesome things, have a housewold with little tv and no weapons etc, and they get to preschool and decide their favourite things are guns and Ben10?  But that's a post for another day.

Woah, longest post about nothing-in-particular ever, sorry. Well done if you made it through my rambling! I will endeavour to cchoose just one thing to blog about tomorrow : )


  1. Well done you! This week I've done....nothing.
    I remember my college uniform costing something like $700....and the book list my mother put three kids through school I'll never know...oh yeah grandparents!

  2. It's true!! Sweeney's 3.5, he's never seen a Ben 10 cartoon in his life, but he looooooves him ... it's all from seeing big boys, I think

  3. No amount of Ben 10 could undo Aesop's darlingness xx Your week looks pretty similar to mine!

  4. Oh and don't think you're alone ladies-I have exactly the same problem with Barbie-that slapper has managed to infiltrate my house after four years of me refusing to allow it, filling the place with wholesome toys and meaningful learning experiences etc. I can't stand Barble. Absolutey can't STAND her, but thanks to the little girls at preschool, Isla feels differently. But I swear if one of those Bratz dolls ever dares to enter... it'll be me against it and I clearly have the size advantage...

  5. wow, busy week.
    Yeah Liam is sitting watching Tractor Tom for about the millionth time just now, I suppose we should be outside getting some fresh air or I should be teaching him the alphabet.

  6. Rhiannon, can I pay you to throw Isabella a party?! And totally agree with speckled eggs post about barbie and bratz, those dolls are just wrong.