Monday, March 29, 2010

List #2- A dress!

So, when last week arrived and I realised I was 5 days out from an important wedding and both beautiful dress-less and money-less the solution seemed obvious. Not easy, or even particularly sane, but obvious. Amongst the rest of my tasks for the week, I would need to sew myself a dress.

I decided I should stick to something simple, and something I knew would work and would suit me without alterations. I knew that the fabric would have to be what made it a wedding-attending dress as opposed to a round-the-house dress, but that I wouldn't be able to buy any. Then I remembered I had picked up this curtain fabric a year or so ago and figured that a 'statement' dress was in order!

I have more than half a dozen dresses in this style (see here and here and here and here and here for a few examples!), you could pretty much say it's my staple. I have found them over the years in all different colours, patterns and sizes. They're just so perfect for just chucking on in Summer with my jandals, and in Winter with leggings and a merino top. 
So when I found one early this month in the Sallies, in the right size but a hideous pattern, I snapped it up (and then chopped it up). I had planned (and still do plan..) to make myself another half dozen dresses from the pattern, but certainly not in such a rush as this one!

So I present you with my first dress of the year. Perhaps I will get through this list afterall.

(More on the wedding later in the week..)


  1. I really do LOVE that dress. gorgeous.

  2. Love it!! The style, the fabric and the flower in your hair...beautiful

  3. Oh my, the most gorgeous dress ever! I'm envious, that fabric is just amazing.

  4. the colours are devine, you all look super cute x

  5. You're so clever Rhiannon. You looked smashing.

    Great family photo. Soph a regular Bob Bradley over here.

    Wonder how that dress would look at Indian Aroma?