Friday, January 15, 2010

Dog obedience.

This evening Abraham and I went on a bit of an impromptu picnic.
We were lucky enough to have Abrahams aunty ring at five and offer to watch the boys this evening. Naturally, we jumped at the chance.
We packed up some plates, cutlery, a picnic blanket and salt (very important!), picked up takeaways from our favourite Indian restaurant and tried to decide where to eat them. You forget how many choices there are when you're child-free!
We ended up back at a spot we used to spend a lot of time when we first met (9 years ago next month!), it was quite surreal to be back there at such a different time in our lives. We sat and watched the sun set, ate our delicious chicken madras and talked about old times, present times and future times. We talked about our beliefs, about our blessings and about our relationship. It was a glorious way to spend the evening and it reminded me that we really need to do it more often.
Let the date nights roll!


  1. Oh, you lucky things! I would do anything for a date night right now, it's been far too long. but it's all just too much effort at present!

  2. This was so cool. And very surreal. Thank you for a beautiful night.

    "From where we've come to where we're at - that stuff truly deserves a pat on the back" - Feature02.