Saturday, January 9, 2010

A weekly round-up.

Four works-in-progress this week and not a single finished project to share!

1. I'm still, slowly, chipping away at my yo-yo quilt. I have started sewing the rounds together even though I'm still about 200 away from having enough to complete it. I'm feeling a bit like this 'winter project' will last me through at least another few seasons but it's on the list so it WILL be done!
2. I have spend, what feels like, most of the week washing. That's not unusual for me but this week it's been mostly fabric. I'm prewashing ALL of my fabric collection. You see, I buy fabric at the op shop or somewhere and then I get it home and occasionally I'll wash it, but usually it just gets put up on the shelf ready to be used. And I realised the other day I have NO idea which of my fabric has been washed and which hasn't. This is not good. So the washing begins..
3. The pile of stripes is going to become a pile of baby pants in the next day or so. Otto has little red knees from his crawling attempts but everytime we put 'real' pants on him the poor thing just gets too hot. So I have raided the $1 rack at the Sallies and the 50c bin at the Op Knocks and am going to make him some basic, lightweight legging type pants to protect those little knees and keep him cool at the same time. The best bit about these kind of pants? It doesn't matter one tiny little bit if the knees wear through, they get stained or they get lost.. it'll just be back to the $1 rack for another pair!
4. Lastly, I have one wee project this week that is so, so close to being finished. So close, in fact, that had the sewing store had the last little thing I need in stock they would be ready to list! But alas, you'll have to wait until next weeks shop update to see the details on those babies. Fingers crossed the other sewing store will be slightly more helpful.


  1. Oh my, I'm loving some of those pink fabrics I see. You obviously have waaaay better op shops than I do! That last project looks mighty intriguing!

  2. I am exactly the same when I buy fabric from the op shop. No wonder my stash smells lovely and musty. I usually wash it before it gets cut into though. I am fully jealous of some of those vintage florals there... very nice!

  3. I love that yo yo quilt!!