Friday, January 29, 2010

List update: January

Thought a bit of a monthly list update might be in order.
Obviously the first month of the year wasn't a big one in terms of ticking things off. Alot of the things on the lists are 'chipping-away-at' things, and I estimate that the middle-end of the year will incur the most crosses. But all the same, and mostly for my own benefit (and encouragement), I thought I would see where I was up to with each thing.

1. Fit into my favourite summer top. - uh, my belly fits but there's no forcing the button over Otto's kitchen. 

2. Sew myself at least one DRESS. - have multiple designs in my head, need to make them happen.
3. Knit myself a cardigan I love. - too hot for knitting! goodness me, much too hot.
4. Make Abraham a hoodie. - off to Rotorua next month, will purchase fabric there.
5. Start sewing to sell again. - have done one update but am not counting that as a true start!
6. List GIANT pile of thing on Trademe. - have everything ready to start taking photos.
7. Print the majority of our photos. - waiting for a sale.
8. Plant a vege garden. - dirt organised, wood organised. Even found someone to make the raised bed! Feb is the month for this!
9. Go to the movies. - waiting for a good movie to take Aesop to.
10. Back up our photos on hardrive/ preserve fruit, make jam. - no. And no.
11. Start blogging again. 01/01
12. Get business cards. - have had them designed. Waiting to start sewing again and for some extra $$.
13. Buy 2 pairs of decent shoes. - have ordered one pair, waiting for them to arrive.
14. Take Aesop to the zoo. - july is the month for this! Waiting on an Auckland-dwelling baby niece or nephew to arrive!
15. Send (at least) 2 parcels to Amy. - have sent one 01/01
16. Finish at least 2 duathlon type events. - March and April are all booked and ready to go.
17. Sort out entire garage. - have made a start, but nowhere near finishing!
18. Finish yoyo quilt. - chipping away at it.
19. Earn $1000 through sewing. - haven't  made a start on this one.
20. Have a bbq/dinner with over 10 people. - nope.
21. See some live music. - not yet.
22. Save over $1000/ have an outdoor movie night - have found a projector to use but haven't set a date.
23. pay off our laptop and buy a new camera. - yet to pay off the laptop but did buy the camera 01/01
24. Sew 10 garments for the kids. - 2 down (ottos crawling pants), 8 to go.
25. Knit Aesop a jumper. - again, too hot.
26. Make the mix cd to end all mix cds. - nope.
27. Cover the cushions on the window seat. - nope.
28. Get away for a night without the kids! - will be the end of the year (read: end of breastfeeding) for this one.
29. Get mentioned in a magazine. - nope.
30. Make most of the gifts we give (this year). - a bit of a continuous goal this one.
Am also happy to report that, other than exercising, I have not worn pants or shorts out into the public eye. Viva la skirt!

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  1. Hey Rhiannon, great idea on updating your list...think I might have to borrow it to encourage myself along with things too! Can't believe the first month of the year is gone already. Enjoying reading your blog since you started it again.