Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let the force be with me.

Aesop, as I said, is turning 5 in a mere 7 weeks.
Over the years we have had some pretty cool birthday parties for him.
His first birthday was a casual affair, down in Nelson with mostly just family, great food and a bit of a placenta plating ritual.
His second was up here in Whakatane, a 'lello' party. Everything was yellow (Aesop's favourite colour at the time) including the clothes everyone wore, most of the food ( I don't recommend ever making yellow lamingtons, but a banana cake shaped like a banana is always a good idea!) and the bunting etc.
His third birthday was also a theme of his own choosing. He wanted a pink party, and he wanted everyone to wear fake moustaches. Riiiight. We got some funny looks when we sent out the invites but the party was awesome. Everyone (bar one person, I think) wore something pink and a moustache and all the decorations were pink. We ate cake (he was quite specific about this.. must be chocolate.. must have marshmellows and strawberries and must be served with yogurt!), ate yummo food and sat and the kids ran around outside.
His fourth birthday was a bit more work. We had a pirate party. This, of course, involved costumes. And because the kids were a bit older we also had some activities (pass the loot, pin the parrot on the pirate and a treasure hunt. Abraham did so well making all of these. What a man.) and put a lot more effort into the theme. It was a hoot but we were left feeling like we put too much into it and that the kids really couldn't care less about detailed activities and would much rather have just played with the presents etc.
So this year Aesop has decided he wants a 'Starwars' party. My biggest mission (other than finding time to organise it!) is going to be getting that balance right. Figuring out how to put enough of an effort in that the party is awesome but not over doing it when, really, five-year-olds are not even going to see the little details.
I've done a wee brainstorm and scoured the net for ideas. So far I have decided on costumes for the boys and I ( if anyone can help me out with A darth vader helmet/mask, a big old teddy bear to cut up or some white leggings I'll be eternally grateful!), pretty much decided on what I will make for the take home gifts, and maybe chosen two activities for the kids to do. Hoping to get started on the costumes next week.
Any ideas would be very appreciated and, as always, I'll keep you posted on my progress!


  1. oh wow sounds awsome!!!! cant wait to see pics!

  2. First off, this makes Aesop sound like a birthday party choosing genius. So many great parties in such a short life.

    Secondly, this next one is going to be awesome because you're a birthday mastermind. My cardboard and paper mache skills with yours = Captain Plan It.

  3. ooh ooh pick me - i have an idea to pass on...

    I read a blog recently where very kid friendly light sabres were made and enjoyed muchly.

    Please do excuse my blog posting inexperience but i can't paste the link in. The easiest directions are - entry of Jan 11. She is from the US I think, but hopefully you can find the key ingredients in NZ.

    Yay have fun with your planning and great observation that kids don't need all the detail.

  4. hi!

    first time at your blog : )
    I did see a while ago that made a jedi style party, I recomend you go and have a search she had good easy games.
    Had you thought about adding some tags? Id like to see your sewing!
    cheers and good luck