Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekly round-up

I can't believe it's already time for another weekly round-up! Man, time flies!
This week has been a little more productive than last, or at least I have a few more finished projects to show for myself.
I'm sad to announce I had a wee accident with my digital camera this week, which ended in it dying a very painful death. While I will miss my dear Sony dearly, it was a pretty good excuse to upgrade to a slightly newer, flasher Canon model I've had my eye on for awhile now. Having a more expensive camera I decided it was probably time to start taking better care (hmm.. did I mention the wee accident involved a falling camera?) so I whipped up a wee padded case for my new friend. After another wee accident (this time the finger kind) I now have a cute little case in fabric that matches my nappy bag. Sweet.
I am working my way through some WIPs for etsy, and these skirts were meant to be in this weeks update, but will have to wait for next week due to a lack of model. So pleased to have them finished though!

I did, however, manage to get pictures taken and all set and ready to add this bag and five special brooches to my Etsy shop this evening (well, it's after midnight so I can only juuust say I did it this evening!). The brooches were my little secret project from last week. They are wee appliques done from sketches I made of some of my Nanas (bless her) teacups, onto teacuppish floral fabrics and popped into thrifted mini embroidery hoops. I am quite fond of them, personally, and I hope you like them too!

I also managed a bit more on the yoyo quilt and finished up the wee pants for Otto. No knitting going on at the moment as it's just too darned hot.


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yay! A fellow Whakatane blogger! You've made some amazing things this week and should be very proud of yourself.

  2. Love the skirts. Love the fact that YOU modelled the brooches.

    And our new camera FTW!