Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This week, in ten.

An idea borrowed from Soulemama, our life this week captured in ten words and ten pictures.

1. Planning.

2. Busy.

3. Growing.

4. Speed.

5. Food!

6. Hot.

7. LEGO. (Always)

8. Tears (Just a few)

9. Washing

10. Love


  1. I can relate to everyone of those ten at the moment! A great ten, even with the tears. You can't always stop them. Cohen is teething again and there have been tears here too.

    How great is that pic of your bub and cat?! :)

  2. Aw lovely! I was thinking of doing the same thing! Great minds think alike as they say-but I can't keep it to just one word for each photo!

  3. I can relate to every one of those, Rhiannon... except for maybe the lego... in our house it's (currently) cars.

    And I just love that shot of Otto crying. He's just adorable! xx

  4. What a lovely idea. My week has not been too different from yours I see apart from the heat of course. Barcelona is freezing ( well, for a mediteranian town). Thanks by the way for the suggestion on the wristband. I did make boys versions, but no light at night to photograph and now they are already hanging in a shop window. But will make more and take a picture.

  5. That picture of Otto and Porridge is hilarious. She's fully sulking.

    And the one of Otto is so cute, for a sad guy.

    Nice one baby.