Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Felty favourites.

I have finally signed up for Felt. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to make a shop as such, but I thought it was time I at least joined and had a proper look around.
By golly, New Zealanders are a clever bunch! Some of the things on that website are just absolutely amazing. And, unlike Etsy, I didn't have to trawl through too much of the less awesome stuff to find them! I have put together a wee wishlist for when I win the lottery (when I can afford to buy a ticket...):

I'll have the wee vest in a 12mnth size please, the yeti in either white or charcoal, and I'll put special emphasis on the king costume (the robin hood costume in the same shop is also incredible). I hear there'll be a fifth birthday in my household soon and that would be perfect.

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  1. I saw Cloak and Bagger at a Waldorf school fair a couple of years ago, I LOVE their costumes.