Saturday, January 2, 2010

A round-up.

A new year, a new beginning.
When better to commit to a new blog, right?
I have had a very off and on relationship with blogging for about four years now, every time beginning and then either forgetting about it or just losing enthusiasm, much like my dabblings with keeping a diary as a young girl. I have childhood journals where one page I am an 8 year old complaining about not getting the barbie i wanted for Christmas, and the next I am suddenly 10 and rambling about how 'cute' boys are and how fickle friendships are.
So in order to begin afresh with this new blog and this new year I've decided to spend the next few (first) posts recapping my (very busy!) last year and making plans for the year ahead. So without delay, I present you with part one of a year in pictures..
January through June:

As you can tell, this half of the year centered mostly around my pregnancy and the arrival of our wee one ( on the very last day of June). It was a time of preparation and planning and a time of enjoying out last moments as a family of three.
We celebrated six months of married life, a fourth birthday and a 27th birthday too. There was a lot of laughter, a fair bit of baby related crafting, lots of hormone induced emotion and a mountain of indigestion.
We spent a long time debating and brainstorming a name for the impending arrival. Aesop wanted to name him Buzz lightyear Larsen and Abraham wanted the name Frank on the list (?!) and then there was the dilemma of finding a nice welsh middle name! luckily we finally decided on something, just in time.. only to then be 2 weeks overdue! That was definitely the most frustrating part of those six months.

I'll be back tomorrow with the July til December!


  1. Hello! I found your photos on flickr from Offbeat Mama and you all seem so nice and fun! :) Sounds like it was an awesome year! Btw, I love the clothes you make! Nice to meet you!

  2. I would have voted for Buzz Lightyear too. What a wonderful year you had and wow, I just realised you've been married for over a year. Glad to see you're giving blogging another go. Blogger is much more functional than wordpress.