Sunday, January 3, 2010

Round-up Deux.

Otto arrived, as I said, on the 30th of June.
The birth was relatively straight-forward (though definitely not painless!) and the biggest adjustment was a mental one- getting used to the idea that there are now four of us! Luckily Aesop lead the way, he has adapted so easily to our new family situation and we're yet to have a single complaint from him about the new housemate!

The last few months have been a blur of gummy smiles, cheeky boys, sleepless nights and great big cuddles. The highlights have included my birthday in September, learning to knit in July, fitting a bit of time in at the gym, my sister and her partner being home for most of December and, of course, Christmas (which I will cover in another post).
Last year was a glorious year but went much, much too quickly for my liking. So here's to a new, hopefully much slower, year filled with just as many cheeky smiles and big cuddles but definitely less gummy smiles and, fingers crossed, a few less sleepless nights!


  1. You guys all rock so so much! I must come hang again soon xo

  2. Nice to see your new blog :o) Wow, looking at all your photos like that it is amazing how much Otto has grown in a few short months! You are right, this last year has passed much too fast! xx