Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekly Mades (and a chance to win stuff!)

I had planned to write this post and be all 'Hey, pop over to Felt and check out these cool hoodies I just listed..' but, they didn't stay listed long enough to even begin writing this post!
I have been completely blown away by the response to these little jumpers - they sold in just 15 minutes, and I have so many orders that the waiting times are up to 3 weeks! Whaaaaaa?!
Luckily, I love love making them, and have quite a bit of sweatshirting fabric up my sleeve. 
Busy, busy, busy!

I also made a few pairs of shorts and pants - custom orders for lovely people. I especially love those bear pants and the sweet little indians on the red shorts! So cute and fun. Can you tell I am absolutely LOVING my work at the moment? Holy moley, so blessed to be able to make money from my hobby.

As a sort of 'Thanks', I'm hosting a wee giveaway for my customers over on my FB page.
For the chance to win one of two $35 vouchers (enough for a kids hoodie, or pants, or two brooches, or a bag etc..) all you have to do it send me (via email or FB) a photo of you or your child with/in an item of Croutons gear.
I ADORE seeing where my handmade goods end up - and, hopefully, you adore the idea of adding another piece to your collection - Win win, baby.


  1. The bear pants are awesome!

  2. SO GORG!
    I literally only ever buy my kids 2nd-hand clothing for almost nothing per item (except for knickers/underpants), but if there was any room in my budget to buy regularly priced clothing then croutons would be first on my list of places to shop, for sure. The hoodies are so delicious that I almost forgot for a few moments that now and for a good five months more it will be way too hot here even to imagine what wearing hoodies is like.
    So glad for you that combining your hobby and an income is working so well.

  3. we looooovvvvve our hoodies, so much.
    thanks for making my boys look so spunky