Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Weeks Work.

I'm not going to lie, this is not actual not a weeks work. I just like the title!
I intended to post each week with the things that I had made that week, but I didn't factor in custom orders that wouldn't be able to be shown until they were received and things that I am waiting to chuck on Felt etc.
So, instead, heres a smattering of things I've made in the past two weeks.

These two hoodies were made for a sweet boy named Echo. His Mum and Dad are super wonderful, very supportive and have helped me with lots of businessy things lately. I know that they love to dress their kids in Croutons gear, and I'm so appreciative. I had heaps for fun putting together these jumpers for them, and for Echo.
(I was also stoked to receive a few custom orders when I popped these photo on Facebook. I'll be at Spotlight next week buying all sorts of cool fabrics to create the applique hoodies with - choice!)

I made these pants as a custom order for a lovely lady with twin boys. She loves colour as much as I do, and pretty much let me have free reign ( my fave!). The mail lady delivered them to her today - and she informs me the boys put them on straight away. Love it!

I made two pairs of these cowboy shorts. I've popped them in the Felt store.

It's lucky I also make Otto some Starwars shorts, otherwise he was about to insist he needed to keep the cowboy ones!
This fabric was given to me, in curtain form, by my best friend from primary school. These were her curtains when she was a little 'un. She tells me they were terrifying curtains for a little person - but I'm so thankful she (well, her parents) hung onto them! It's on of those fabrics I struggle to cut into. I like to only use tiny bits at a time. My kids have many Starwars patches and pockets in their futures. Haha.


  1. You are so talented! I wish I had my own little person to dress in croutons stuff. I may just have to order some applique hoodies for my nephews.

  2. Very cool .... how much of that dino fabric do you have left.....Mr C. would die for a pair pants with that dino print. Jxx

  3. Gorgeous stuff! Miss Holly needs to order some yellow pants from you I think!

  4. umm that dinosaur fabric..... could you make a skirt for a 3yr old out of it for me????????????????????????????????? for serious.

  5. i can't believe you sewed around DV's head!!
    details, lady. amazing~~