Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Themed Dinner #4: Mexico!

Our themed night this week had a little Mexican flavour.

After a week of chicken pox, and a day trip to Rotorua, we were pretty knackered come Friday evening. None of the grand plans I had really panned out, and we ended up with a very 'lax version of the dinner I was intending to dish up. As usual, there were no complaints : )
Oh, except for me not making Mexican hot chocolate.. might need to do that another night..

This theme was, by far, the easiest to find a soundtrack for. Turns out a large portion of Abraham's record collection is made up of suitable albums. We also listened to the soundtrack for The Mexican while we prepared dinner. Brilliant.

We sipped on virgin mojitos, glasses rimmed in sugar. I made flour tortillas ala Talia Christine (pretty much the handiest recipe I've ever found) and filled them with burrito chicken and salad. Abraham whipped up some churros for afters (in balls.. must find a pastry bag!) they were ahhhhhmazing. I'll see if I can find his recipe for you.

The table decorations were thrown together in a few minutes - a book about Our Lady Of Guadalupe, a cactus, an old blanket from Abraham's Nana, corn chips in a basket and a sombrero we picked up at the Salvation Army for $1.
(If I'd been more organised we would have also had a pinata, and crepe paper flowers hanging above the table. But the rule remains in place: if anything is stressing out the person organising it, then it gets left out - these are meant to be fun nights!)

Next week we'll have our most challenging theme so far - can't wait! Any guesses what it might be?


  1. Awesoome! I'm so impressed! It all looks wonderful and I love your rule. I need to apply that to more things in life - if anything is stressing the person out then it gets left out. :)

  2. You guys are so ace! I'm guessing Star Wars for the next awesome theme :)

  3. Looks like fun! Thanks for the link to the homemade burritos recipe. We eat a lot of mexican (easy to make beans vegan!) and I'd love to make my own burritos.
    I'm guessing Lego or StarWars for the next theme. Can't wait to see what it is :)

  4. I was telling my husband about your themed dinners! He loves the idea, going to start when both kids are a little older :)

  5. so so so cool! i was thinking of having a night like this (after reading that growing great girls - wacky wednesday they suggested) but haven't got to it yet. we LOVE mexican and the kids would love this too! I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED that churros recipe BTW.

  6. I've always meant to make our own tortillas but it's just so much easier to buy them!! >.<