Wednesday, May 22, 2013

(Say hello to) My little exercise friends...

See this? Yeah, it's a cross trainer. MY cross trainer!
Sooo, I bought a cross trainer (off TM) in the weekend. A touch extreme, yes, but I feel that extreme measures are called for sometimes. My scales and my mood/general wellbeing are telling me that shits gettin' real - something needs to be done!
I have been getting out walking 2-3 times a week, but not nearly as often as I'd like. There always seems to be a boy-child home sick, dinner to be made, rain pelting down, walking clothes in the wash etc. Always an excuse to be had! See that cross trainer? I can use it in my undies, on a pouring wet day, with both boys watching from the couch, if I have to. Not many excuses I can make for that one!

Inspired by Pip, Abraham and I are doing the 'C25K' programme on it. Figured it would be good to have a programme to stick to, for motivation. Abraham is kindly playing along, for moral support. He's a good man.
I'm on Week 1, Day 2 of the programme and I can tell you, I'm so pleased I've been walking - if I went, literally, from the couch to this.. I think I would have died. Phew! Sweaty much! Knackered much? But I LOVE it.

I have also purchased a journal from the clever Emma at Emmamakes, to keep track of what I'm eating. I'm not cutting out whole food groups etc, but I'm trying to make portions smaller, avoid eating so much sugar (especially baking!) and up my fruit and veg. Simple but, hopefully, effective.

My final purchase, the most expensive, is a new pair of trainers.
I've had my last pair around 4 years, and my toes poke through at the end and sides - not such a good look. They're a pricey thing to replace though! And it's a hassle to spend time at the store having your feet assessed and shoes fitted properly.
(So thankful to be able to do this without kids. Love you, Abraham!)
I was lucky enough to have Mum go halvsies with me on these, so I could afford to get the comfiest ones I tried. Way more enthused about exercise when my feet are cosy!

So yes, it really is ON!

What about you guys? What's your exercise routine?


  1. GOOD ON YOU. After I had my son we hired a treadmill for three months and had it in our tiny lounge (so pretty much no room for anything else). I found that with just one baby (and you have three!) I couldn't get out and go for a run, and my mental health was really deteriorating because of it (I'm a runner and had hated not being able to run while pregnant). I used to put Sam down for a nap, jump on, and if he woke up I'd resettle him, and then run some more until he woke up.

  2. That's awesome! New shoes are the business. Strange but true, I found quite a lot of motivation in re-lacing my shoes with neon laces.

    Hope you don't ever have to exercise in your undies!

  3. Zero. But we are about to start doing yoga at playcentre, so that will be a start! Might start survival training again...

  4. Sheesh you're getting really serious!! Wahoo!
    That is EXACTLY what i need to do coz the clothes aren't fitting anymore and that is a SURE sign!!!
    I REALLY need to get on it. Before daylight saving ended I walked around (around and around and around) the school field that backs our place pushing Arlo to sleep every evening (2 birds with one stone!!) but that has stopped now as it gets dark at 6pm.. doh!!

    So I'm trying to cut the intake down. More water. Less processed stuff. My body is becoming my temple again. Hopefully. LOL.
    I might hire one of those things and see if I can use it properly.

    Good on you!!

  5. Hahaha!!

    Can't imagine anything more terrifying than exercising in my undies with a couch full of very observant (and very un-tactful) boys ready to lay on some comments!

    Yay you!

  6. Good on you! I've heard great things about the C25K program.

    I go through phases of running regularly and I have been in a not-so-regular phase, but am the same as you - the scales and clothing are telling me to do something about it! We bought a treadmill a few months ago and I'm trying to schedule in regular treadmill sessions during the evenings now that it's too dark to run outside after work. I find if I write it in my calendar I am more likely to actually do it! Also, setting a goal (like running an event) motivates me to actually do the training.

  7. I just got a child's bike seat for my bike, I don't drive so I do LOTS of walking but I didn't realise how unfit I was till I started bike riding again! My biggest problem is baking, argh I eat my feelings

  8. I'm biking to and from work every day, going to the gym twice a week and doing this cross trainer thing three times a week. If I can get rid of my belly and get a chest worthy of putting tattoos on - I'll consider it a success.

    Love you Rhiannon.