Monday, May 13, 2013

Aesop's Movie Night Party.

Aesop turned 8 the day we moved into our new house - not the greatest timing, but these things are not always within our control. Being the sweet boy that he is, Aesop didn't complain at all - rather, he said that a new house was a perfect birthday present.
(Don't worry, we also got him Ipod acessories and sugary treats!)

We decided we would still have a party to celebrate, just that it would need to be delayed until things settled down. Settling in have taken a wee while.. but now, two months later, things are calm enough - so we had a wee 'Movie Night' party in the weekend.

Setting up for this party was all pretty straight forward. We decided this year, in keeping with our 'low-stress-party' theme, that we'd opt for more kids and less fuss.
Initially we planned for around 4 friends to come, but we ditched a few details and allowed Aesop to invite 8 kids ( a bit of a compromise to make up for the super late party..)
I ordered some sweet chevron bags, plastic takeout cups and popcorn boxes from Pop Roc Parties, dug out from red streamers and went to briscoes for a red sheet/table cloth.
We put lollies in the bags, and we filled some clear bags with jaffas. I topped those bags off with some card from an old Lone Ranger annual, for a bit of fun.

Food was good ole pizza (from Dominos! Shock horror!), mini spring rolls and sausage rolls. Eight-year-old boy food. The kids downed Lift and banana milk for refreshments.

Dessert was fun - ice cream sundaes. Easy, and super well- received.

The boys chose 'Wreck-it Ralph' as the main feature. It's a bit of a fave in our household.
I couldn't convince Aesop to take a risk on a movie he hadn't seen - but none of the other kids seemed to mind (they had all seen it, too!).
The highlight of the evening, for me, was the short stop-motion film that Abraham made to play at the beginning. It was a Larsen version of 'The Three Billy Goats', with a cheeky ending and got a great chuckle from the kids.
We're so lucky to have such a clever Dad in this house!
(I might see if he will let me share it with you..)

Only one more kiddo party left this year - phew..


  1. Low key?! That looks pretty awesome to me Mama!! You have an 8 year old! Woah! XO

  2. so cool! just love all the little details and love the sundaes!

  3. Awesome party!!!! I am loving those popcorn boxes... I will be stealing that idea for sure. I am needing a tonne of party inspiration for this lot... running out of ideas here!. Well done Mama :)

  4. That is super awesome, I want that party myself! And Aesop sounded pretty excited about it when I spoke to him before. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves :-)

  5. ah love it! (cant wait till the days mine can just invite a few kids over)

  6. SO COOL!! Wish I could've been there too, I want a movie theme party for ME!!!

  7. Beyond awesome! Looks like so much fun, makes me hungry for sundaes!

  8. Sounds great and love all the food and the little details :-)

  9. oh, go on Abraham, we wanna see toooo!

    Also, "more kids, less fuss"?? yeah, nah.
    you've outdone!

  10. So cool! What an awesome party! I love the chevron bags and the popcorn boxes. Looks like they are having a great time :)