Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mollie's Chair: Thirteen Months (Polka dot edition)

13 Months

As you can see, the chicken pox are still lingering with my littlest one. Slowly all drying up, but still very much all over her - she is polka dotted!

This month Mol has taken it upon herself to start walking! Crawling is still her main mode of transport, but she's definitely taking steps in the right direction (heh). She delights in walking around pushing a pram/lawnmower or holding onto the hand of a proud brother. There have been quite a few unassisted steps taken, too, slowly, stopping inbetween to clap for herself!
Sleeping has gone downhill slightly, eating is brilliant, talking is coming along nicely, still just the two teeth.
No complaints here : )

I had to really work to get a photo with a smile yesterday. The poor lass really is still under the weather.
Those spots on her right eyelid are so horrible - it's even more puffy and red, in the flesh.
I was getting concerned, when even her Tiny Eyes doll didn't get a smile! Luckily, she then decided throwing the doll on the ground and yelling 'Uh-oh!' was pretty hilarious.

It didn't take long for Mol to decide the photoshoot was all over. She slid down off the chair, and went on her way. Such a big girl now!

(Also, she FINALLY fits the vest I made way back when I first found out I was pregnant! Wish I could find time to make a few more - it really is my favourite knitting pattern, ever.)


  1. Awww little Dot!! That vest is amaze, maybe one to put into your suitcase of.. "even tho im not having any more babes im still keeping some wee of my babes clothes just to look at" please tell me im not the only one haha X