Friday, May 10, 2013

A bit of a trim.

Both of our boys have been blondies. And both of our boys have had long hair for their first few years. And we have received a lot of schtick for it each time.
I'm not sure what it is about long tresses on a boy, but it seems to cause a lot of discussion. Even complete strangers feel the need to comment sometimes.
I can understand the confusion factor - especially with older people. We've never been ones to correct people rudely (if at all..) when they call Otto a 'lovely wee lass' or say 'good girl' to him when he uses his manners. Generally, it is easier to just nod and smile, and then have a wee giggle with him when we get to the car. I must say I don't get the niggling implications that we're being mean giving him a 'girls' haircut. pish posh. We love keeping his hair long because a) it suits him and b)we're in no hurry for him to grow up/ look grown up.
Unfortunately, the side comments are starting to get to Otto. He is starting to ask for a haircut like Aesop's, or like Dad's. He is starting to ask to go to the barber and have a haircut with the clippers. A 'boys' haircut. Sigh.

I'm not quite ready for my sweet boy to lose his cheeky look, so we made a wee compromise.
We visited our favourite hairdresser, and we asked her to take off a little more than usual. Baby steps.
She is such a wonderful stylist - Otto sat on the special kiddos chair, eating organic mandarins she shared from her lunch, and spraying the mirror with the water bottle. Otto decided he would like his hair spiked up, and that is exactly what she did.
(I asked Otto if I could have my hair spiked up too, after my fringe trim, and he said that ladies were not allowed that type of hair.. but I was allowed to slick it down onto my forehead, if I liked!)

And, as if that was not cool enough, Otto was then allowed to help to take my money (all ten dollars of it!) and then she paid him 50c for his effort. You can see why we love her, no?

Otto took his money right to the dairy around the corner, and purchased a few lollies for him and Aesop. He said 'Thank you very much', and the man behind the counter said 'Good boy!'.
Maybe sometimes Mama doesn't always know best?


  1. What a cutie! We kept Ben's hair longer and we'll probably do the same with our new little red head.Rx

  2. Oh my goodness Otto! Big change! You are still E's favourite dapper little gent no matter what the hair do. Good lad!

  3. that is one cuuuuute kid you have yourself there!! i love longer hair on little boys but that is a cool compromise haircut :)

  4. still totally adorable x
    also, how amazing is that hairdresser? seriously!

  5. SUCH a cutie!! My bros had long hair too, and if Garland has straight hair I will probably leave to it grow (if he has E's tangle of hair then I will probably cut it for ease of care-taking, HATE brushing that girl's hair!).

  6. Lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. My 7 year old son still has long hair that curls down the bottom . Yes he's always mistaken for a girl too sigh .....despite the fashion for teenage boys to have longer hair , it's 'expected' that parents control the cuts of little boys , i.e. give them a boys haircut . My son loves his long hair and long may it last ( we know what he'd look like with a short haircut and given his face and head shape it's not flattering short . It frustrates me also that when other kids get 'nits' the parents of boys think nothing of shaving their head - because ....they're boys - it doesn't matter .....bollocks , it matters just as much as girls !

  8. Looks great! Charlie had long hair before he started school and everyone use to comment on it and mistake him for a girl. Then we got it cut and truly, we left the hair dressers with short hair and still someone mistook him for a girl! Seriously. Anyway, I just love looking back on those photographs, so innocent and gorgeous. If I he didn't have to have a 'sensible' haircut for school ~ I think he would still be happy with his hair a bit longer. Anyway Otto ~ those amazing eyes stand out even more now. Jxx

  9. what a lovely hair dresser! oh man i just WISH my girls had hair like that lol!