Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ashore thing.


Abraham is working on a very exciting project at the moment, and it involves us doing cool stuff as a family - pretty much the best plan ever.
This past weekend, it involved an afternoon visit to the beach. The boys had a fabulous time running about the place, completing the activity (all a little bit hush hush, but more will be revealed in good time..) and finding beachy treasures.
I took along my zoom lens and had a great time mucking around with my camera.
And the trip ended with a big ice cream. Can't beat that! A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

A great way to spend a birthday afternoon too. I hope the birthday boy agreed.
(Happy birthday, Abraham! Love you!)

(Don't you just love Otto's 'dog' in the last picture? He dragged it along for ages, stopping to pat him and inviting us to give him a pat, too! Love the imagination at this age.)


  1. excited to hear more about A's project :)
    Lovely pics! xo

  2. Oh I just love the dog! Imagination is just the best, long may it last!

  3. very cool. sounds exciting x

  4. ooooh, you guys!!
    i'm so excited about how intentional your family is being. LOVE IT!!
    so inspirational xoxox