Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Themed Dinners #1 - Breakfast!

Generally, our household has takeaways once a week. It's meant to be once a fortnight, but since Mollie has been with us we have indulged a lot more often. It's a matter convenience, but also a treat (especially for the boys.)
Unfortunately though, our wee town lacks any really awesome takeout food. We, nearly always, end up with something pretty ho-hum, and it feels like such a waste of money.
I had the idea that we could have themed dinners instead. Obviously, it won't be a convenience thing, but it will certainly be more of a treat! Good food AND a bit of fun - all that takeaways should be, but never are.
We sat down and had a brainstorm about possible themes, coming up with such brilliant suggestions as 'Butcher', 'Minecraft' and 'Puns'. We then each voted for our favourite five, and narrowed it down to the most popular five themes. We wrote lists of ideas for both food and decor, it was heaps of fun!

We decided to start with the easiest one first - Breakfast.

We donned our PJs, decked the table out with a checkered table cloth and a vase of flowers, and indulged in a 'big breakfast' type feast. We had bacon, little breakfast sausages, hashbrowns, mushrooms, tomato and scrambled egg. Nyum!

We scoffed down some mixed berry pancakes for dessert - with a side of ice cream/soy yogurt and chocolate sauce, of course. So good.

The evening concluded with a husband, and all his children, in front of a rugby game. Cosy.

I'm really excited for next Fridays theme. Watch this space!


  1. I'm glad to see you have HP sauce on the table! I'm coming for tea next week...

  2. Too sweet!! And also, LOVE these photos!!!

  3. love this, have just put hash browns on my shopping list!

  4. You're making some great memories for them too. My mental kids (and I'm talking senior teenagers here) still love a good Pirate Dinner where they dress in stripes, ragged trousers and eyepatches and argh me hearties to their hearts content. We cover the table in newspaper, write insults on it, draw gruesome pictures and then dump all the food on top. Food is all finger-types, especially stuff which is good for gnawing like drumsticks and lamb chops. High quality grog in big mugs (just juice bubbles) and burping practically compulsory. I shiver me timbers to think of them still doing it when they're trying to impress girls....

  5. What a fantastic idea! Love it!

  6. i love this so much. yes.
    absolutely inspirational xx

  7. SO cool! We often have scrambled eggs as an easy dinner on the weekend, you've inspired me to take it further now!