Thursday, May 2, 2013

600 Likers! Holy!

To celebrate reaching 600 likers on Facebook (blown away!), I'm giving away a bag.
The winner will be able to choose which one of these sweet bags they would like. I'll probably even chuck in an extra wee treat - because I'm good like that! Heh.
To enter, just head over to my Facebook page, find the photo and say which bag you'd like to win.
(If you don't have FB and would like to enter, just comment here and let me know, I don't discriminate!)
Extra entries for sharing on FB/twitter/blog etc. Just let me know which you've done.

I'm so grateful to have such awesome likers - and getting to be so many!- I actually do wish I could send something to every single person. Feeling the internet love, big time.

1 comment:

  1. what cool ideas you have! Reading the last few posts and I would be honoured to win a bag ( i like the blue one), I'm a sucker for anything with doilies on it! Congratulations on 6oo! And happy birthday Molly!