Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Themed Dinner #3 - Fast Food!

Our third theme for this month was 'Fast Food'.

My boys are big McDonalds fans. Aren't all kids?
I have no idea what the attraction is - well, I have an idea.. but I, personally, can't stand the stuff. The food tastes like nothing, and I always still feel hungry after eating something so... fake.
Aesop inhales a quarter-pounder, a shake and fries, and Abraham is a big fan, while Otto enjoys the thought of it far more than the actual food - he rarely even eats half of a happy meal (and then asks for different food!). I guess the toy might be the winning point for him.
Seemed a great plan to see if we could recreate a (slightly healthier and much tastier) Maccas meal.

   Since fast food is mostly of the takeaway variety (for us, anyway.. our kids have never 'eaten in', I don't think!) I didn't feel like we needed to do much in the way of decorating. I popped a red table cloth on the table, popped all of our 'American' style sauces (mustard, mayo, ketchup and bbq sauce) in the centre, chucked on a Beastie Boys album (with a take out menu on the front..) and voila!

The food speaks for itself, really.
Abraham whipped up some boxes for our fries and chicken nuggets (if I did this again I would make chicken tenders myself, rather than serve ones from a bag!) and I used a few sewn, recycled book, bags I had around the studio to put everything in (stamped with an 'L' for Larsen Burger, naturally! Heh). I wrapped the burgers in greaseproof paper, and we used the leftover cups and straws from Pop Roc Parties for our soy choc shakes.
My burger had a touch of greenery, but the boys had Quarter-pounder knock-offs. Meat, plastic cheese, onions, pickles, sauces.. all on a sesame seed bun. It got the seal of approval, too. Phew.

Mollie discovered a new love for chicken nuggets and Aesop inhaled the meal as if it were the real McCoy. Otto, well, he wasn't anymore enthused than he usually it. Guess it's just not his type of food (he is more of an antipasto type guy. I kid you not!), fair play.

 The biggest hit, of course, was the toy.
You didn't think I could make homemade Happy Meals without a toy, did you?
I hmmed and uhhed about what sort of toy to put in. I wanted something quality, that would not just get played with one day and then forgotten about, or broken. I also didn't want to spend more than $5. A difficult combination.
The choice was obvious in the end, though - Lego minifigures.
I was lucky enough to find them half price at Kmart, making them just $3 each.
(We even got 4 we didn't already have! Always a bonus!)

LOVING these nights. Already so excited for next weeks. Pretty sure we will be doing it all again next month. Are you tempted to join us?


  1. Fun! It's a bit like doing a kids' birthday party every week though aint it (effort-wise)? It's awesome memory making for the kids - lucky things.
    We do random stuff (like tonight's TV dinner had a bit of a bento box thing going on) But it's pretty random round these parts!

    What's that pink skiier ninja minifig?! Classic! The toy would be a major highlight here too.
    Interesting fact on that topic: McDs is the BIGGEST toy producer in the world (bigger than Mattel etc) Well that was 10 years ago, I guess it would still be the same. Amazing huh? I sound like a nerd lol!

    Have a happy sunday!

  2. So much fun! What a cool thing you guys are doing for your family! And I love that A gets into it too. So cool.

  3. you are such a good mummy x i always feel guilty after eating mcdonalds or feeding it to my boys ... its just empty ...

  4. Hi Rhiannon - how fantastic are these themed nights ! What an imaginative wonderful young mum you are. Your children will grow up with strong family values because of all your terrific input. I love reading your adventures and watching your beautiful children grow and thrive. I 'm from ChCh--- I sent you a stash of fabric ( wee bust form etc) about 5 years ago. Seems like time for another sort thru of bits n pieces so I will get your email address to send on. In the meantime all the best to you , Abraham and the lovely wee kiddos ! From Lyndie x

  5. Such awesome ideas, love that you got a toy as well! Definitely going to give this a go as well, we loved the breakfast dinner idea and had it the other night :) Have shared your dinners on my FB page too, from Megan

  6. **tempted** to join you??
    i'll be waiting on your doorstep next friday night.
    i LOVE this series xx