Tuesday, November 23, 2010

List #'s 7 and 10!

In the weekend I managed to tick two more things off the list.
Abraham and I decided, nearly two years after the actual day, that maybe it was finally time to print some of our wedding photos. The girl at the shop couldn't believe I hadn't printed even a single one, she said most girls are in the next day! I guess I just didn't get round to it. We were going to have them printed 'properly' at the photo shop so I was waiting until the wedding bills were paid, and then Otto arrived.. and then it was last weekend.
I'm really stoked with our 14c Harvey Norman prints, and the cute $20 album from Farmers. Seems a lot more 'us' than the fancy pants option.

I also bought an external harddrive to back up all of our photos. My Dad was buying one, getting a good discount, and I thought 'if ever there was a time..'

Feeling very pleased with myself. Now to buy some shoes and plan a childless night...


  1. woot! I love how low-key you are about it too!

  2. hmmm, yes... it took me nearly 3 years to get some wedding photos. and then it wasn't even me who did it, my dad put together 2 albums for our christmas presents last year. oops.

  3. Awesome! You're steaming through the last of the list!! Your photos are fab (of course!) and I'm glad you feel you've done it your way instead of how everyone else expects it 'should' be done?!?! I love that album cover... maybe I can come browse the photos in person in a few weeks?!?

  4. awesome, love the simplicity of it :) My wedding album is still only half done and I was married over 10 years ago! And I'm only just getting around to printing some baby photos of the kids now. Oh and I reallyu need an external hard drive too - my poor computer is getting so slow with all the millions of photos that ae weighing it down!

  5. Your photos are so darn styley, and so is the lovely new crouton that arrived today. Thank you so much, I love it.