Friday, November 26, 2010


I spent yesterday morning tidying and sorting the boys room. I like to do it about once a month, go through and take out the 'too small' clothes, chuck out the bits and pieces that accumulate (ripped pieces of magazine, scribbled on pieces of paper, random bottles tops and whatnot) and have a general tidy up. This time I also packed away all the Winter clothes and hauled the rest of the Summer gear out of the closet.

Decorating a boys room on a budget of, erm, well.. nothing, is no way near as much fun as if we had money to throw at it. I have dreams of cute wallpaper, unbroken curtains, framed prints on the walls, a big set of wooden bunks and an adorable, bright, rug on the floor. I fantasise about simple-yet-amazing Ikea style drawers, ideally filled with equally cute scandinavian designed kids clothes.

Luckily dreams are free and little boys aren't too fussy about such trivial things. Aesop would love any room with enough books, and as long as Otto has his snugglies anything goes. I wish I was so easily pleased!


  1. From what i can see of it, their room is gorgeous!

  2. Lucky boys I two have the same fisher price record player that i had as a youngin'. nice one! Loving the library style shelves.

  3. Oh!! I want your bookshelf... we have SO many books (Aesop and I must be kindred spirits!) and I'm always forgetting what wonders we have because can't see them... I think 1 or those is going on my wish list... Less is more in my decorating book.. Can't believe you spring clean/ sort every month!! I thought I was doing well at twice a year!!